Hungarians Feed Hungry Syrian Refugees

By on Friday, September 4th, 2015

Syrian refugees fleeing the dangers in their country were put in a camp at the Keleti station in Budapest after disembarking their train. Many of them fled, determined to walk the 100-mile trek to Vienna, because they tired of waiting for a train ride to Austria, where they have been offered temporary asylum. They faced a lack of facilities and privacy as well as a dearth of water and food.

Some humanity in the misery surfaced, though: for along the way to Vienna, Hungarians stopped to proffer bottles of water, homemade sandwiches and whatever sustenance they could manage. At press time, word came out that the Hungarian government was springing for some buses, but no word on whether those vehicles will be adequately stocked with food and drink. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is also offering asylum in Germany, the ultimate destination for many; while some refugees are travelling all the way to Sweden, for permanent asylum.

Written by Laurie Wiegler

Laurie Wiegler is a Connecticut-based journalist who has written frequently about green living, science, and the environment for a range of publications including Toque, Slate, Scientific American, MIT Technology Review, The Hartford Business Journal's Green Guide, AARP and

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