Madoff Wine Cellar Sells; Money Goes to Victims. Cheers!

By on Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Yesterday, the New York-based wine store and auction house Morrell & Company threw down the gavel on Bernie Madoff’s wine and hooch cellar, seized by U.S. Marshalls after the phony fund manager was tossed in jail last year.

The ponzie-scheme impresario’s stores contained a cache of utterly expected high-roller Bordeaux (Mouton-Rothschild, Lynch-Bage) and Champers (Veuve) that show an utter lack of imagination in the wide world of wine, especially considering how creative Mr. Madoff was at screwing his clients out of $65 billion. According to a post on Investment Business Times, the lot brought in over $40,000, which goes toward refunding victims of the scheme–a lot more than was expected, but oh-so-much less than he’s obligated to pay back.

Written by Amy Zavatto

Amy Zavatto, Toque's East Coast editor, is a food, wine, spirits and travel writer for books and magazines.

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