Marshall Bennett and the Chill Grille

By on Sunday, July 25th, 2010

Marshall Bennett is an all-American 14-year-old guy. He loves baseball, dreams of joining the military when he grows up…and is a phenomenal chef. Marshall has been cooking fusion barbecue for his appreciative neighbors two weekends every summer for the past 4 years. In his spare time he experiments with other fusion dishes and tinkers with flavored sunflower seeds for the local baseball teams to sell as fundraisers. A behind-the-scenes look at an extraordinary teenager whipping up some amazing ‘cue and sides for the block.

Toque is proud to present its first episode of “What’s for Dinner, America?”: Marshall Bennett and The Chill Grille.

Title Photo Credits
Braceros: Corbis Images
Boy eating pie: Marc Orbito
Man stirring sauce: Francesca Mazurkiewicz
Guacamole hamburger: Breanna Schulze
Spring salad: Dessert by Candy
Martin Luther King and family: Corbis Images

Written by Erika Kotite

Erika Kotite is an editor, writer and owner of Toque.


  1. Ranchwife's Slant says:

    Have anxiously been awaiting for the curtains to open. I am so glad to finally get to see Toque! Totally FAB.

  2. Linda Tartaglia says:

    Congrats Erika! It looks great! I love your logo! Best of Luck!

  3. Sharyn Murray says:

    can’t wait for more from Toque!

  4. Joni Klein says:

    Love it and looking forward to more!

  5. sunday hendrickson says:

    Erika, how wonderful!
    I especially love the video —
    (hmmm….why can’t my kids cook like that?) Maybe if they keep reading Toque…

  6. So, can we convince them to open a franchise in my neighborhood? Wonderful video, and now I am starving for a wonderful fusion dinner! Congrats!

  7. Erika Kotite says:

    "What's for Dinner, America?" new video series debuts on Toque:

  8. "What's for Dinner, America?" new video series debuts on Toque:

  9. RT @toquemag: "What's for Dinner, America?" new video series debuts on Toque:

  10. Rieva says:

    RT @toquemag: "What's for Dinner, America?" new video series debuts on Toque:

  11. Amanda says:

    I love that he has the freedom to experiment and learn along the way! What a great example for other parents to get the children involved in cooking. FInding something a 14 year old enjoys to do and can learn budgeting as well is awesome.

  12. Here's more evidence that teens love culinary fodder–meet 14-yr-old chef phenom. Marshall Bennett:

  13. Neat video of 14 y.o. chef (yes, really!) Marshall Bennett, of McClean, VA. First in a series @toquemag.

  14. Amy Kirk says:

    Our branding day dinner soon 2B featured on ToqueMag's What's For Dinner America? We're episode #2!

  15. Chef D says:

    Congrats Erika! The Mag turned out great….and I love the article…thank you so much..

    Chef D @ the Hitchrail

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