Greasy Kid Stuff No More

By on Friday, January 14th, 2011

For the first time in a decade and a half, yesterday the USDA has announced brand, spankin’ new guidelines for school lunches, this on the tail of President Obama signing into law the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act last month; and not a minute too soon. According to a press release from the government nutritional wing, the obesity rate for kids ages 6 to 19 is at an all-time high of 32 percent. So what’s new? More whole grains for everything from sandwich bread to pasta and pizza dough, low-fat milk and salad dressings, more fresh veggies and fruit, and baking instead of frying. Says Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack: “The United States is facing an obesity epidemic and the crisis of poor diets threatens the future of our children – and our nation.”

Written by Amy Zavatto

Amy Zavatto, Toque's East Coast editor, is a food, wine, spirits and travel writer for books and magazines.

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