Food App Review of the Week: Coffee Recepies (sp) Full

By on Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Coffee Recepies Full
Cost: $0.99
Runs on: iPhone

I have a confession, I don’t have blood running through my veins, I have coffee. Amazingly, this is the first coffee app review I’ve written. I downloaded this app not knowing what to expect since the app store didn’t have a proper description, only a single screenshot and zero reviews. So what does this mystery coffee app have to offer?

Not much.

Launching the app presents a nice cappuccino design. I suggest you drink it in because it’s the only image (literally) within the entire app. The app has two buttons, the first is for recipes (okay, this could count as a second image) and the second is the “About” button, which simply identifies the developer.

In total, there are 50 coffee recipes included in this app. In that regard, it’s pretty neat to have a recipe book where I can quickly access the recipe for an Espresso Romano or a Coconut Coffee. What makes this app a disappointment is that these recipes only include an ingredient list and how-to instructions. That seems like enough, and it is, but this is a pay app and for me that requires a little effort by the developer.

To start, this app should include photos of the drinks. Thumbnails for navigation would be a simple addition that would bring life to this app. (The navigation is easy to zip through since there are only 50 recipes). It should also provide a “favorites” option, and perhaps a “share” option.

The other item I’d like to see in the recipe area would be taste descriptions or ingredient substitutions or variations/recommendations. To me, coffee is like wine with a million varieties, each with its own characteristics and structure. This app simply identifies the brew as coffee, instead of a specific type. It’s odd to me that a recipe will tell me to pour my Alpine Carnival coffee into a Spanish coffee glass, but ignore the details of the coffee itself.

Lastly, this app needs an editor. The app title is misspelled and the recipes reveal other inconsistencies and errors. For $0.99 a seller doesn’t have to deliver much and this app certainly doesn’t. At least I now know how to make a Gaelic Coffee to ease the pain.

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Written by Steve Cooper

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