Food App Review of the Week: Best Christmas Recipes

By on Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Best Christmas Recipes
Developer: Nanobit Software
Cost: Free
Runs on: iPhone

The best thing about the holiday season is the food. It can also be the most stressful aspect of Christmas if you’re the one doing the cooking. Best Christmas Recipes is a free, simple app offering 150 classic holiday dishes and drinks.

Open the app and you’re presented with a cookbook image. Shake your iPhone and it will begin snowing and playing Jingle Bells—a festive start. Once inside the app you can select one of three important dates: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve. Each of these items offers a list of recipes best suited for those occasions. If you prefer, you can also sort through the recipes by course: Main Dishes, Side Dishes, and Desserts.

There’s no search function, mention of prep time or serving size. Also, forget about timers, unit converters, an ingredient glossary and other tools associated with some of the previous recipe apps I’ve reviewed. All the buttons are cookie cutter identical with Christmas trees on one side and snowflakes on the other over a red background. In other food apps, these buttons are often thumbnails of the dishes with hints of other informative and distinguishable information.

Clicking on a recipe item will take you to a simple page with an image and ingredient list. Nope, you can’t e-mail or move the items to shopping list from this page. Really, the only other thing you can do is click a large button that says “Make This Recipe” and scroll through the instruction slides. That’s the entire app.

Since this app is free you’ll have to accept the advertisements and solicitations throughout. Part of me wants to slam this app for the little effort that went into it.

To me Best Christmas Recipes seems like a clever way for Nanobit Software to capitalize on the holiday season and self promote. On the other hand, this app is free, runs very well, and provides a quick way to find some of the season’s favorite eats. It’s a toss up, but when considering it more, this app really offers little value. You’d probably be better just searching the web for the dish that you want to cook. In fact, if you want eggnog, that’s what you’ll have to do anyway since this app doesn’t offer that recipe either.

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Written by Steve Cooper

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