Toque welcomes queries, story ideas and contributors. Here’s what we have a soft spot for:

  • Chefs’ personal stories – culinary school, life after graduation, first job, greatest dish, triumphs and failures, restaurant openings and business tips.
  • Chef profiles – especially the talented ones still under the radar. Know a local chef that is rising through the ranks? Eaten somewhere fantastic lately and want to share the exploits of the chef and staff? Toque is all about extraordinary chefs, both the well known and the soon-to-be known.
  • Restaurant profiles – Is there a fantastic restaurant in your city or town that doesn’t get the coverage you think it deserves? Or do you want to offer an alternative opinion on an already established restaurant? Toque wants to hear from you, and so do our readers.
  • Cuisine in the middle states – If you watch the culinary shows on TV, you might think that only the big cities have talented chefs and food professionals. But we know that isn’t the case. There are great food stories all over the country, and we want to document that culinary renaissance, town by town, market by market. If you live in “fly-over” country, Toque wants you to prove to the rest of America that they should touch down more often in the heart of the nation.
  • Mixology – mixology has become a hot trend as bartenders, beverage directors and now, mixologists have been popping up at restaurants, lounges and speakeasies. From artisinal bitters to contemporary takes on classic cocktails, it’s a topic we never tire of. So go interview a local sommelier, or find one of those mustachioed and suspender-wearing mixologists and tell us what he’s up to!

We normally don’t cover recipes or home cooking but you can try to change our mind if you want. These topics are covered very well by our more established culinary colleagues.

How to Query

  1. Fill out our contact form below. Please include a brief description of the story/profile/news you want to submit.
  2. If your idea works, we will assign an article. Payment varies, depending on length and complexity of article. But we never expect good journalism without compensation.
  3. Our assignments are on a work-for-hire basis; but we also like to share. While all content that we assign belongs to us, we welcome it going elsewhere. Just ask.