Culinary Jobs of the Week: March 19-25, 2012

By on Monday, March 19th, 2012

Russian cuisine doesn’t seem to nudge the high end of the food radar. Stereotypical thoughts range from borscht to beef stroganoff (never thought about how much Russians must love sour cream). Nevertheless a new restaurant is opening in West Hollywood at the poshest address on Melrose Place…and needs a chef with knowledge of Russian cuisine. Could be a Faberge-ulous opportunity. Nostrovia!

Queen of Seattle needs a seaworthy chef. Must love paddlewheels.


Other jobs of interest:

1. This could be really cool–or a real grind. Chefs with a penchant for paddlewheelers, the Queen of Seattle is looking for you!

2. For the woman chef looking for a way-out and possibly intense opportunity, this restaurant in the Philadelphia area could be the place. Asking for a female chef who is a “fanatic about preserving, canning, fermenting, making your own cheese, yoghurt, kefir and bread,” the posting promises a fulfilling role with possibility for partnership.

Written by Erika Kotite

Erika Kotite is an editor, writer and owner of Toque.


  1. Mark Moreno says:

    Culinary Jobs of the Week: March 19-25, 2012: Russian cuisine doesn’t seem to nudge the high end o… via @toquemag

  2. Manoj says:

    tracey Hi Debby I’m glad to hear you’re intrigued!! (I psorime I’ll reveal a little bit more of my future projects soon just once I find a few more hours in my day!) Haha! Thanks so much for your kind words about my photo I’m often a little shy about my photo, so it’s wonderful that I have such supportive blog friends.You are so very sweet!! xx

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