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By on Friday, October 15th, 2010

Biggest restaurant trends for 2010: local, local, local. The Sacramento Bee listed results from 2,000 chefs across the country and locally sourced, um, everything, made the top of the list. Other interesting trends include “smaller portions/smaller prices” and gluten-free dishes.

Who says convenience food outlets can’t defy the monotony odds? Dipak Topiwala turned his father’s Austin, Texas Whip In store into a “locavore sweet spot.” Local beers, fresh milk from Water Oak Farms in Houston and the best fresh-made Indian food in the city. Topiwala installed a beer garden, microbrew taps and even a small stage for local music talent. “I won’t get rich,” he says, “but I don’t need a mansion. I just need a house.”

Will cookbook authors skimp on the pictures? In a backlash against an overabundance of “food porn” some cookbook authors are pairing their recipes with minimalist graphics and illustrations. Cheaper and cleaner, to be sure…yet this ignores a fundamental component of cookbooks. They are meant to be read and enjoyed as much as utilized at dinnertime.

Written by Erika Kotite

Erika Kotite is an editor, writer and owner of Toque.

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