Seal Beach BBQ Joint Gets Locals’ Vote

By on Friday, January 6th, 2012

Lena and Gabe Gordon have made Seal Beach a BBQ destination--Long Beach is next.

Editor’s Note: Forget about caucuses and primaries and sweater vests. It’s more fun to talk about a rising star chef putting BBQ on the map just south of the Orange Curtain. We check in with SmallBiz Trendcast‘s Maria Valdez Haubrich, who recently visited Beachwood BBQ, where chef/owners Gabe and Lena Gordon serve up “uncomfortable” American comfort food to appreciative locals.

When Gabe Gordon and his wife, Lena, decided to open a restaurant in Seal Beach, CA, the residents were less than excited about yet another restaurant. They had seen so many come and go, and they didn’t like change on their very laid-back Main Street, which has a “local hangout” vibe.

Five years later, Beachwood BBQ has not only won over the locals with its high-quality comfort food and craft beers, the business has also thrived well enough to warrant opening a second (bigger) location in nearby downtown Long Beach. As a big fan of Gabe’s concept (and a frequent patron), I talked to him about his startup experience.