Cocktails at Home: The Daiquiri

By on Thursday, April 4th, 2013

You say DAK-ery, I say DYE-kery. However you pronounce it, daiquiri practically screams tropical venues with palmetto fans, thatched rooftops and a sapphire-blue sea. In the past 40 years, this once-unassuming daiquiri somehow morphed into a cliché umbrella drink, served slushy and sweet with chunks of pineapple in a piña colada glass.

Photo © Guzzle & Nosh/flickr

It was the date drink of choice at UCLA whenever couples had enough money to go off campus and eat out. Chart House, Gladstone’s, Monty’s Steakhouse, all of them served up a fancy daiquiri with all the trimmings.

Cocktails at Home: Algonquin

By on Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Good cocktails should be enjoyed from home just as easily at they are at the hands of a capable bartender. Never before have we had better access to quality ingredients, good recipes and expert how-tos than we do now. There’s simply no excuse to drink crap.

Starting with the As, and zigzagging from there, join us on our adventures in home-crafted cocktails.

The Algonquin

Ever fancied yourself part of the Round Table? Not that round table, of Lancelot and Arthur. No, the real one, at the Algonquin Hotel on West 44th Street. The place where in the 1920s famous people like Dorothy Parker, Robert Benchley and Herbert Ross once sat for hours every day where they quaffed illicit highballs, critiqued each other’s work and even launched The New Yorker.

Larry Frazer: Chef, Husband, Teacher, Friend

By on Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Toque Magazine got its start in Lambertville, NJ, a town near Princeton. I had the good fortune to meet Larry Frazer through his wife, Sharyn Murray, at the Princeton Community Television and Digital Media Center. Sharyn saw me working with Ila Couch to get our “What’s for Dinner, America?” video series going and said I should talk to her husband. “He’s a chef who just left Princeton University to teach culinary arts at Eden,” she said. “It might make a good story for you.”

Larry Frazer and Sharyn Murray met on the Dinky, a very short NJ Transit rail link that runs from Princeton Junction to Princeton. They ended up getting married in one of its cars. (Photo © George Vogel)

Larry was high on his new calling, teaching autistic teens basic (and not so basic) culinary skills as Eden Institute’s newest director. We emailed each other and decided that a diary series of his new adventures would be cool to run in Toque.

And they were. The five articles he wrote about his funny, touching and awe-inspiring adventures with would-be teenage chefs were some of our best read features.

Larry’s last installment (Part 5) shares his excitement about the astonishing progress of his students and a note about Eden’s shiny new location. At the very end, he reveals that he has advanced cancer.

Last April, Larry died. He left a yawning hole in many, many people’s lives. To try and fill that hole we wanted to share some of our memories of this amazing, humble person. A man with incredible gifts who had the courage to sacrifice a secure job to follow his dream. Larry was a talented chef who lived to see the emerging talents in his students who had so many life challenges. It took nine months to pull it together but here we are. We’ll hear from “the two Robs:” Robert Harbison, executive chef at Princeton University, and Rob Kimmel, Eden’s new director for the culinary program. We also speak to Sharyn, his wife, who recalls their memorable wedding eight years ago.

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